South African Rand

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For motion pictures, fake currency is mainly needed. Counterfeit Docky has determined its fake currencies business. For the last 15 years, they have been involved in this market. We have now extended their branches to 12 countries and represent customers worldwide. All these countries have a strong response. They also proven legally that they only market films to the South African Rand. Their claims are so credible that they are almost impossible and not fake. You look after all the minute features according to your expertise to make the fake projects look like the real ones. There are millions of individuals around the world who buy counterfeit money online. The counterfeit Bills do their job without disruption or trouble.

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We authorize the bills and publish in the market following several methods of verification. The Bills are to pass special checks of all kinds. If there are any defects, the company will face a forgery problem. Counterfeit Docky has proven its credibility as the leading fake currency producer over the past 15 years. For security purposes the identity of buyers is kept secret. Such a problem may also arise if people are caught or identified while purchasing online fake notes or buy South African Rand online.

Specifications and Guidelines 

Counterfeit Docky is responsible for all forms of trouble and offers full support even after delivery of the items. Below is the list of checks that must be reviewed before the notes are published.

  • The notices should be accurate in their proportions and thickness.
  • The imitation of the actual one will be the portrait watermark.
  • Before you buy South African Rand, you can test the serial number.
  • To verify its originality, the Bills should be checked on a range of ATM engines.
  • The safety thread should be tested with great care.